Rayan Silk Henna Color

Our Rayan silk henna color is 100% natural and available in variety of colors to choose from. It is a herbal based hair color satisfying the need of hair coloring in a natural way without any side effects. We believe in supplying natural henna color made of organically grown henna without additives and chemicals which can be harmful for your hair. Henna color is a better alternative to other hair dyes available in the market. People, who understand how harmful the chemicals can be on their hair, would always like to use henna hair color. Our wide range of Rayan silk henna color is free of all chemicals including ammonia, peroxide and PPD. Henna hair color is good for your hair and is safe for even allergic people. People who have spoiled their hair due to chemical hair dyes can improve their hair by using henna hair color as it conditions and repairs the hair with perfection. Whether you need to tint your hair or cover your white or grey hair, our range of Rayan silk henna color can be of great help to you. Chemical hair dye can make your hair brittle on the long term whereas our henna hair color conditions your hair, blocks UV rays and makes hair thicker, stronger and shinier.
Our customers are very important to us and so our Rayan Silk Henna Color is properly tested before launching into the market and ensure that it is effective and of best quality. The henna hair color we provide is 100% natural, safe, reliable and inexpensive. Our henna hair dye regenerates the proteins in the hair which have been killed by the chemical hair dyes. You would never like to use chemical hair dyes once you start using our range of Rayan Silk Henna Color.
  Benefits of Using Rayan Silk Henna Color
  • Henna hair color is natural conditioner good for your hair and does not affect your hair badly.
  • It is without chemicals, PPD, ammonia, peroxide and other chemicals harmful for your hair.
  • Rayan silk henna color is properly tested to ensure safety of your hair.
  • Rayan silk henna color includes wide range of shades to choose from suiting to your requirement.
  • Our henna hair color is safe for cancer patients, pregnant women and people who are allergic to chemical hair dyes.
  • The henna hair color bonds to the protein of the hair which makes your hair look shiny and silky.
  How To Use Rayan Silk Henna Color
  • Mix the Rayan Silk Henna Color in water making it a fine paste (As per instructions on the pack).
  • Apply it from top to the bottom of the hair ensuring that it has been applied to the roots of the hair also.
  • Keep it for about 30-45 minutes. If you need a darker shade you can keep it for 3-4 hours.
  • Rinse the hair, following with the shampoo.
After using our range of Rayan silk hair color, you will notice a considerable change in your hair. It will become smooth, silky, full of body and manageable without any tangles. Our Rayan silk henna color is of international standards and once you start using our natural henna hair color, you will never return to chemical hair dyes. Please view our color chart given below to choose the natural hair color of your choice.
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