Ready To Use Mehndi Cone

Mehndi is used for temporary skin decoration in India on various special occasions like Diwali, Karva Chouth, Teej, weddings etc. It is perfect 100% natural product which works like jewel on the body. Every Indian woman loves to adorn henna on her hands and feet. Not only in India, but in western countries also mehndi has become famous for skin decoration and is known as henna tattoo. People prefer to buy ready to use mehndi cones because it makes painting designs easy. Mehndi designs can seem to be difficult without using mehndi cones. mehndi cones are the most popular way of applying henna as they are convenient and easy to use. The mehndi cones can be handled easily by the artist who is applying and it is less messy. It also becomes easy to store mehndi in a cone as it has a shelf life of about one month if stored in a refrigerator. So, whenever you need to apply mehndi, you can use ready to use mehndi cone easily. Before people used to grind henna leaves and mix oil to make mehndi. That mehndi is not as refined and may not result to darker colors. Whereas, professionally prepared mehndi cones provided by us bring much darker colors because we fill 100% naturally formulated and filtered mehndi in the cones which give guaranteed color. We ensure that the mehndi cones contain pure henna which is free of harmful chemicals to the skin. We use certified pure henna powder with aromatherapy grade essential oils to give desired results. There are many benefits of using ready to use mehndi cones which are listed below
  • Our mehndi cones are professionally prepared so that the henna paste comes out evenly with the thickness you desire.
  • It becomes possible to design very delicate bridal mehndi designs with the help of our mehndi cones.
  • Henna paste filled in these mehndi cones is prepared of high quality, natural and pure mehndi including all natural herbs as well as essential oils so that it doesn’t harm your skin.
  • The mehndi cones provided by us are made of high quality poly pack foils so that they don’t leak and make a mess around.
  • To ensure natural dark color, we use pure henna leaves and high grade oils formed into smooth and fine paste easy to use.
  • Our handmade henna cones are the ideal way to adorn the hands and feet of a woman with beautiful designs and are also suitable for designing temporary henna tattoos without any side effects to the skin.
  • Henna used to make henna paste filled in our mehndi cones has been specially selected from the best henna plants grown in Rajasthan (India). Our experts take ultimate care while making henna paste so that it give perfect blend of color. Only fresh handmade henna paste is used for our ready to use mehndi cones.
  • We provide special ready to use mehndi cones in which bridal henna is used. In bridal henna, henna powder is mixed with special herbs and eucalyptus oil to give a darker color.
We don’t use chemicals in our mehndi cones, so immediate dark color cannot be expected. Our ready to use mehndi cones are perfect choice for weddings and occasions. The color obtained from applying henna can last for several days depending on your usage of water and soap. Our ready to use mehndi cones have unique characteristics and help in creating exquisite designs easily.
  Kamal mehndi Cone
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