Nirja Herbal Henna Color

Nirja herbal henna color is a fine blend of natural henna powder and other natural herbs which makes it 100% natural hair color free of chemicals. Our herbal henna color is liked by people who prefer to use natural products which do not contain chemicals. Our herbal henna dyes prevent hair loss, promotes hair growth and gives natural color to your hair. The stunning range of our ammonia free henna color can add a sparkling effect to your hair. It is authentically prepared and available at competitive prices guaranteed to enhance the look of your hair and serving you as a very valuable possession.
  Benefits of Using Herbal Henna Color
  • Henna based herbal hair color can color the hair in respective shades and have many benefits over conventional hair colors.
  • The herbal henna color we provide is made of natural herbs and so they color the hair naturally without any side effects.
  • The herbal henna color covers the grey and white hair completely giving it a natural shine.
  • Men and women both can use herbal henna color provided by us.
  • Along with coloring the hair, the herbal henna color gives a natural conditioning to the hair.
  • The herbal henna color offered by us prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth.
  • No stains on scalp or skin are left by our herbal henna color.
  • The herbal henna color also controls dandruff and keeps the scalp healthy.
  • We provide chemical free herbal henna color, so it is safe to use without any side effects.
The Nirja herbal hair color is available in three colors black, brown and burgundy, you can choose any color depending on your choice and skin. The herbal henna hair color you choose must be suiting to the color of your skin and should look natural to your overall appearance.
 Black Herbal Henna Color
Our henna based black herbal color is very easy to use. It makes your hair shining black, silky, soft, full of fragrance and manageable. It spreads quickly and evenly from roots to the tips of the hair giving a natural look to your hair. With the help of our ammonia free herbal henna hair color, you can attain beautifully and naturally colored hair using safe, purely natural methods.
 Brown Herbal Henna Color
The brown herbal henna color provided by us contains natural henna and herbs as major ingredients. This ammonia free herbal henna color not only protects and nourishes your hair but also colors your hair naturally. Our herbal henna brown color is free of harmful chemicals and ammonia. Besides coloring your hair naturally, it provides complete treatment for problematic hair, scalp and dandruff.
 Burgundy Herbal Henna Color
The burgundy herbal henna color provided by us is very popular amongst our clients as it is perfectly safe to apply without any side effects. Unlike other chemical based hair dyes, our ammonia free herbal henna color is a proven method of giving a natural look to your hair and providing lasting and gentle color. The herbal henna color doesn’t harm the hair but it coats the outside of each hair with a protective layer.
 How To Use Herbal Henna Colors
  • Herbal henna colors offered by us are very easy to use. Below are the instructions for coloring your hair using our natural herbal henna colors:-
  • Put the herbal henna color in a bowl and mix with water to make a paste.
  • Apply the paste with brush, equally parting the hair. Use thin tooth comb so spread the hair color from root to the top.
  • The hair should remain with the color for at least 45 minutes so that it absorbs the color thoroughly. Rinse the hair with water following with soap or shampoo.
  • Dry the hair and you will notice a natural shine on your hair.
The paste is not allowed to remain unused for a long period of time as it may lose it effects and may not color your hair properly. So, prepare the paste at the time you need to color your hair.
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